1. Be on time, if you can’t come or you are late , let us know !

2. Keep the box clean , If you bleed , sweat a lot ,

drop some chalk , please clean it up and don’t play with the chalk.

The more we have to clean the less we can focus on you guys!  

3. Leave the changing room clean and don’t forget your clothes!

4. Don’t drop the bars without weights!

5. Don’t drop Kettlebells/Dumbells!

6. Don’t eat on the black and blue floor!

7. Mark your name on your bottle!

8. Recycle your garbage in the right bin!

9. Introduce yourself to new members, help them

in new movements, encourage each other and respect each other

and the coaches!


10. Leave your ego at the door!

11. Be happy, motivated and enjoy your CrossFit time!

12. Always try to use proper technique, so that injuries

are avoided!

13. Listen to the coaches during the explanation of the WOD
(‍‍even though you allready understand the movement or technique)

14. Clean up you gear after class!

15. Shake hand after WOD to show respect for everyone his/her effort !

16. We are one community!  


Ieder huisje zijn kruisje maar ook zijn huisregels. Wij proberen zo open en vrij mogelijk te zijn in onze box maar er zijn bepaalde basis regels die voor velen vanzelfsprekend zijn maar die we toch moeten uitspreken.

Bij het overtreden van bepaalde regels kunnen sancties worden toegekent.